Last Watch of the Nightingale

by Odd Logic

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The music for Last Watch of the Nightingale was largely written in 2017 after the release of Effigy. The first completed demos for what would end up being about 80% of the album were finished in February of 2018. We then took the next 6 months to evaluate and exchange detailed feedback on the demos. By September 2018, the foundation for the entire album was solidified. The first tracks began on September 3, 2018. The last track was laid down September 1, 2019. The album was worked on a total of 190 different days between those dates.


Track Listing:

Last Watch
Garden of Thorns
Chance of Gods
Dreaming in Color
Of The Nightingale
Boundary Division


Fun Facts:

This release includes more instrumental pieces than any other Logic record. Last Watch and Of The Nightingale are one song split into two, even though separated by 6 tracks, and are largely instrumental. Sorrow is also entirely vocal free. Boundary Division is the longest song in Odd Logic's discography, coming in at 23 minutes. Absence is very much influenced by Sean's favorite rock band King's X. Last Watch of the Nightingale has many different meanings for this story. More than one nightingale is not a flock, it is a "watch".



The details of the story unfold within the physical CD booklet. If you will not be getting the physical disc at some point, email the band directly for the inside story art and lyrics.

In summary, a long time ship captain of trade, Jengu, departs from his wife for one last journey on his faithful ship Nightingale. Each song brings he and his crew deeper into an unusual storm, eventually bringing the captain to a state of anxiety and comatose dreaming. At the point of submersion, he uses his last energy to release his caged Nightingale that wife Anlia gave him for protection on his long sea adventures. The bird arrives home, and because it has reappeared, Anlia knows the fate of her husband. The journals and shipping records were recovered for both husband and wife, and are included within the CD artwork. They are key to filling in the rest of the story.



released September 28, 2019

Sean Thompson- Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals
Pete Hanson- Drums, Gutterals

Mixed, Mastered, Produced by Sean Thompson


all rights reserved



Odd Logic Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: Garden of Thorns

All this time away at sea
Torn between the loves of my life

Point me south when my journey's done
Imagine me close to home, will you
But navigate until then
We must sail on

Cover my eyes and paint me a picture
Show me a place I want to be
Feeling surprise, it's not what I pictured
A garden of thorns like nothing I've seen

If I never come back again
It's because I faced the reckoning

The way to New Monta is here
A nation of legend and force
But first we must leave Trader's Isle
And make our way through the dawn

Dancing on a sea so still
Calming is the night I feel
Humbled witness to all things I long for and...
Oh, midnight on a sea so still
The world has never been so real

One wrong turn and we're all going down
Our hearts run aground
But faith will not falter
Hold tight when the wind starts to howl
Keep eyes on the bow
We'll all come out somehow

Cover my eye and paint me a picture
Show me a place I want to be
I found a place it looks like your picture
But I feel that I'm lost, now that I'm here
Track Name: Absence

I'm sitting on a tall ship thinking of you
Would you notice that I've got a clean pair of shoes
I do

If I could say anything, just look at the stars
It's a perilous journey but I've come this far

Thinking about you, I know you know me well
Riding the ocean, I feel alive and well
But night brings a story, one that I often tell
The one where I miss you while absence is here

Today I can nearly hear you singing to me
Do you listen for the whisper of our words on the sea
I do

If I could say anything, just look at the stars
It's a perilous journey but I've come this far

If you never see me
Then you'll know that I've surely let you down
I'll prove that I love you
Cause you'll see our 'gale in the sky

I'll be sitting on a stone bench waiting for you
Will you notice that I've ruined these pair of shoes
I do
Track Name: Chance of Gods

What does it mean if I see no stars
Help me to breath if I labor to sound the call
Sunfall and dreams, fog and mist, it's day 5
In deep thought below, sail and deck, tonight

How will this night end?

Now I know, and I know very well
That my soul belongs to the chance of Gods

I run for her, I sail for me, and return for peace

Coming storm, I can see you
Precious time we'll spend together
Voices call, take your places, maybe forever
Look to the night, call out to those you long for
Track Name: Dreaming in Color

I know my eyes are not certain
Blinded by scenery
Out cold and haunted by pictures
Fear for not me but my memories

Corridors of water lead my way
Bright as fire and stained in blood
Shout your name to get me through this night
It is the first time dreaming in color

I'm dreaming in color now
(Dreaming, at life's end, dreaming)

Lies and lovers taking life away
Strangers staring with my heart on a plate
Creatures come to carry me away
Gods are gawking as I wash away

Hope to see you, when I wake up
Want to hold you, in a room of white
Hope to see you again, when our days are up
It will be the greatest day, in another life
Track Name: Of the Nightingale

Fall down
All drown
Drown within me

Some things reuse to change
Some things are lost in the world
Some things return the same
Like circles

Faith, repent, please, exception
forgive, regret, these may be my last words
Love, pain, desperate, deserve
Relief, alone, words I sing like a nightingale

I am at war with myself
Cursing the life that took me away from you
I'm the captain of the last watch of the Nightingale
Track Name: Boundary Division

Full go into the storm, it is now or never
I know the longer we go we will reach the moonlight shining
Embrace the quickening pace, we will use it's power
We face the eternal race to sail right through the eye

Hello, my hands, we know the meaning of our life
Breathe in, breathe out, we'll find the boundary division
We know, we never know, the fate of every night
Don't let go

Hello, hello, we know the meaning of our life
Hello, hello, we'll find the boundary division
We know, we never know, the fate of every night
Don't let go

Feel the water hurry by
Living a lifetime in a beat of my heart
Reaching for my nightingale's cage
Open the door she flies away

Hell is cold, may the sun warm your way
And my other 'gail, is going down with the one she trusted
And now I know

I watch you above me
I watch you above me

I'll be away for a little while
I'll be sailing below the sea
I'll be away for a little while
Thinking of you
I've been on top of the earth for so long
But now I am under the boundary
I'll be away for a little while
I'll be sailing below the sea
I'll be away for a little while
To the boundary division

I'm in a place
A place without sorrow, at peace with my soul
Still, I will be here
Longing for your smile, remembering life
Resting on my nightingale
It is one of three loves in my heart
The second flies to the only place
Where my truest love awaits

Hope takes to the sky
With songs of trust and truth
But I wonder, if she'll find home
When all is said and done
One nightingale for each of us to cling to
Me and you
Resting in my ship below
It is one of three loves in my heart
The second flies home
To my 'Lia, my Anlia

Flying home again, through dark light
She'll be home again with my heart
And I'm in a place without sorrow
Silent shadow a long way down

Ghostly songs will be sung
With undertows and energy
Open water will carry you
Over my home
Settled into the darkness
I sit and wait for your vessel's hull
A hundred miles below you
A different shade of life

We made up our minds tonight
We're going to rule inside her
Taking toll from the ones who lead
down this passage of mine

And I'm home again without light
Finding home again in my heart
Now I'm in a place without sorrow
Silent shadow way down

Hello, to all who know the meaning of their life
To those who dare to find the boundary division
You know we never know the fate of every night
So go on and...
Welcome home!

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